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English is the official language of St. Kitts.

Half Moon Bay - Beach Music is the closest house to the beach

Air Transportation
The airport in St. Kitts (SKB) is a modern all weather facility able to handle any size international aircraft.  Most major east coast cities have non stop flights to San Juan via American Airlines.  From San Juan, American Eagle offers several flights every day to St. Kitts on a 60 passenger turbo prop.  American offers daily non stop service from Miami to St. Kitts.  To check online, go to for flight information.


- There are  non-stop American Airlines flights from JFK to St. Kitts every Sunday and Charlotte Via US Airways, as well as Philadelphia.

-  Daily Direct Flights via American Airlines from Miami to St. Kitts! Early AM Connections are available from throughout the East and Midwest.  

- Flights from Atlanta via Delta on Saturdays. Many connections throughout the U.S. Look for a return of this option in mid December, 2010.


**AIRFARE HINTS FOR OUR CANADIAN VISITORs** - Flights from Canada are available via Toronto connecting in Charlotte, North Carolina on US Airways. Weekly Saturday flights are direct from Charlotte to St. Kitts. 

- Saturday flights via Toronto connecting in Atlanta are available through Delta Airlines.  

** Charter flights** - are available through Air Transat or you can fly with Air Canada from Toronto to Antigua and switch to Liat for the short hop to St. Kitts


-  Direct Saturday and Tuesday British Airways flights from the U.K. (LGW).

-  Flights from the U.K. via Antigua on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic plus Liat

Each U.S. Dollar is worth 2.67 EC (Eastern Caribbean) Dollars.  This rate is fixed and has not changed in years.  Most businesses in St. Kitts will accept U.S. Dollars. 

Super Markets
There are two well stocked super markets in Basseterre about three miles from Beach Music Villa.  Rams is on Birdrock Road and is a full service market with groceries, liquor, beverages and wine as well as a pharmacy.   Slightly closer to town is Horsfords IGA which is much like any modern IGA, clean and well stocked.  Conveniently, the IGA is open until noon on Sunday.

Car Rentals
There are quite a few car rental agencies on the island and they will supply you with a St. Kitts drivers license.  Some will have a car waiting for you at the airport and others will pick you up upon arrival. The following is a short list of agencies:

TDC/Thrifty 465-2991

Caines 465-2366

Delisle Walwyn 465-8449

Cool Profile 465-4448

Hanley's 465-0545

Tropical Car Rental  465-4039


Disabled Accessibility
The main house is accessible for the Disabled, and the 42 foot long pool has a full staircase into the water. .